About Us

Other Worlds and Lands Network, or OWL for short, is a television channel that airs original science fiction and fantasy programming.

OWL is a specific theme channel with a defined focus. OWL’s mission is to serve up science fiction and fantasy programming, and to serve the core audience of people who love science fiction and fantasy. Every television series that airs on OWL will fit the theme. All scripted series will clearly belong to the genres of science fiction and/or fantasy, or perhaps alternate history. Non-scripted offerings will have a clear and unequivocal link to science fiction and fantasy. OWL simply will not air content that does not belong. OWL will never dilute its focus (and therefore, its value to its core audience) by creeping or drifting into “related” genres. OWL believes in remaining true to the cause.

That said, however, OWL does not subscribe to the school of thought that science fiction and fantasy are narrow niches with little variation. Science fiction is not limited to shows set aboard a space ship that explores the galaxy. Fantasy is not limited to small parties of adventurers on a quest to retrieve a magical object. The genres of science fiction and fantasy are as broad as the sky and as vast as the universe itself. OWL intends to expand to fill the entire niche of science fiction and fantasy, exploring the genre to its fullest.

OWL is a subscription-based network. OWL believes that “free” television actually comes at a very hefty price. So-called “free” television is funded by advertisers who care more about pushing their product than they do about television content. As a result, the television content on “free” networks is enslaved by the advertisers who pay for it. As long as the advertisers reign, the people will receive only what the lords of advertising wish them to receive. OWL breaks the chains of advertising. OWL gets its funding directly from the subscribers. As a result, content is set free, to reach its full potential.

OWL is a community effort: of the fans, by the fans, and for the fans.

Give science fiction wings!!!